Flamenco: popular yet authentic, why does it matter?

Flamenco is a popular musical form, originated in Andalusia and performed by working people and minorities. An expression that conveys the collective pains, result of the oppression and inequalities. On the other hand, Theodor Adorno, renowned for his thesis on the Culture Industry , severely criticized popular music. In his view, these expressions are standardized commodities without any genuine aim, produced as a means of domination. This essay aims to refute Adorno’s view by attesting why Flamenco matters.

January 8, 2021

1. ‘Tangos de la Andalucía labriega’ by El Piki
2. ‘Yo os canto’ by Paco Moyano
3. ‘Los campanilleros de la libertad’ by Niña de la Puebla
4. ‘Libres como el aire’ by El Lebrijano