404 Studio

404 STUDIO is an emerging fashion brand based in Valencia (Spain), specialized in handmade knitwear. Each collection is inspired by a cult movie, translating the cultural and message through the garments, which at once are inspired by the aesthetics, the art direction, the characters and plot, the set and the decoration of the screenplay.

Along with the Founder and Creative Director, we worked on reinventing fashion’s way of engaging with the audience (Marketing Strategy). Eventually, deciding on communicating each collection through various artistic mediums and experiential events, created in collaboration with different artists and creatives.

For the launch of 404 STUDIO’s collection, Deep Suspiria (inspired by Dario Argento’s Suspiria) we launched two events — in Paris (Silencio) and Barcelona (Soho House) — recreating the screenplay’s mood through live music performance, runway showcasing the collection, a printed fanzine and a fashion film.